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I’m so sorry I haven’t posted a video in 4 days. This is really bugging me, but it’s something I kind of have no control of. So 2 weeks ago, I noticed a lot of rashes forming on my face. They are very tiny small bumps, and I had them checked and the doctor confirmed that they are indeed rashes. I found the culprit and it seems that I am very much allergic to primers that contain silicone.

The Products that broke me out

So I couldn’t use anymore my Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser and my Benefit Porefessional Primer, and I was totally okay with that. I can live with not using silicone based products. After I stopped using these primers, my rashes finally disappeared.

Here are photos of these silicone based primers:

maybelline baby skin pore eraser

maybelline baby skin pore eraser

benefit porefessional

benefit porefessional

So then I tried the new Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation. I went to Rustan’s to see the product and I tried it in my jawline to test what shade would best suit me. And then I woke up the next day with 2 small zits on my jaw line. I dismissed it thinking it could have been caused by something else. I had them cleaned and pricked, and they disappeared. A week after, I tried the Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation again when I did my Dusty Rose Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial, and the next day, I woke up with 2 zits AGAIN–one on my forehead and another in my right cheek. I haven’t used any new products except for this foundation, and my skin is pretty resilient. I barely break out in pimples. I can say I have maintained a very good skin. So for something to really keep causing break outs for me, must mean that something in that product is really irritating and damaging my skin. I’m not a scientist or a chemist, but I really do feel it in my gut that something in that foundation is causing my skin to react badly. I know this is a new foundation that Laura Mercier just released so I don’t know much about it, and can’t find that many reviews on it. Maybe my skin is just not compatible with it. I don’t know. But I am definitely not using this again, nor will I repurchase it, which sucks because it really does give a very dewy luminous finish.

Here’s a photo of the foundation product that broke me out:

laura mercier candleglow foundation

laura mercier candleglow foundation

I was watching a Youtube video by Makeup Geek TV, and she enumerated a few ingredients found in many makeup products that cause acne breakouts and clogged pores. I will list them down below:

  1. Bismuth Oxychloride
  2. Butyl Stearate
  3. Ethylexyl Palmitate
  4. Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  5. Lanolin
  6. Octinoxate

I hope this can help you before it is too late. Make sure to check if you are allergic to some of the ingredients in your makeup product before using them. Try a new product on a small area of your skin first. Read reviews before trying new products, and make sure to check if the product is compatible with your type of skin. If you are oily, make sure not to use products that have the word “luminous” or “dewy” because these products will just make you more oily. If you have dry skin, make sure not to use products that are too matte as these will dry out your skin even more.

So now that my face is healing, my doctor has advised me to rest my skin for a week before putting makeup again. So watch out for my next video makeup tutorial on Sunday! Please let me know in the comments below what products broke you out.

That’s it guys! I hope you found my Products That Broke Me Out post helpful.

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Thanks guys!
—Nicole 🙂