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Glowy Makeup Tutorial Using My Favorite Makeup Products

glowy makeup tutorial philippinesSummer may be over, but the glowy dewy skin look is here to stay. I always love sporting a natural makeup look, so I wanted to up my game a little by adding a lot of glow to my skin.

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Bag Accessories, Necessities, and MORE | How To Take Care Of Your Bags

how-to-take-care-of-your-bagsIf there’s something you should know about me, it’s that I am so obsessed with makeup and bags! Yes, it is a very terrible obsession, but I really enjoying collecting both. For the longest time, it was only bags I enjoyed collecting, and makeup was just something I bought on the side, but for the past 2 years, my love for makeup overtook my love for bags. My passion for bags kind of had to take the back seat, but this also meant that it was of utmost importance that I take good care of the bags I already had. In this post, I will show you guys how I take care of my bags.

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How To: Highlight, Contour, and Bronze

Highlighting, Contouring and Bronzing

Hey guys!

Highlighting, contouring, and bronzing my face are definitely my favorite makeup techniques of all time. Ever since I learned how to do the three, no makeup look ever felt complete without them. There’s just something so magical about how much a face changes and transforms because of these techniques. So today I want to show you exactly how I highlight, contour, and bronze my face because it really does make a huge difference.

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